A. Crimping and Cutting Tools

Pressing of cables and wires on overhead and cable lines,

max press force 200 kN, max dimension of hexagon 82 mm

Cutting cables and wires on overhead and cable lines …

B. Self gripping clamps

operating range 1.0 – 57.0 mm

range of working forces 14 200 kg (140 kN)

range of breaking forces 42 800 kg (420 kN) …

C. Pulley block , cable roller

Construction of overhead and cable lines

nN, SN, WN

Professional solutions for energy …

D. Aluminium alloy equipment

Ladders hung in a vertical position

Horizontal platforms with horizontal structure

E. Equipment

Steel, galvanized, nylon lines

Woven Dyneema® Synthetic Ropes

Stands for pilot reels equipped ….

F. Pullers / Tensioners – Machines for stringing operations

Braking machines

Engaging machines

Engaging and braking machines …